Specialty Commercial Cleaning Products

Eva-Tec provides a wide range of specialty cleaners from adhesive cleaners to graffiti removers. Please see below products we supply. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Full range of Commercial Cleaning Products
Eva-Tec supplys. (industrial cleaners)

Adhesive cleaners

Adhesive removers

Air fresheners

Barrier cream

Diesel/oil spillage remover

Foam cleaners

General purpose cleaners

Graffiti cleaners

Graffiti removers

Glue cleaners

Glue removers

Hygiene products

Industrial aerosols

Ink removers

Liquid pipe removers

Machine cleaners

Paint strippers

Pool cleaners

Safety floor cleaners

Shower cleaners

Sugar dissolving oils

Spillage removers


Hotmelt Glue Cleaners
Green HMP
Application Flushing out glue tanks Flush out pressure sensitive glue tanks
Special Features Cleans out hotmelt glue tanks pulling all dirt out from inside tank. Cleans out hotmelt glue tanks. Leaving no Pressure sensitive glue tanks glue behind.
Recommended application temperature
Hotmelt glue cleaners
Gard EV60
Application Removes hotmelt from around glue systems Anti-adhesion gel
Special features Spray cleaner onto the hotmelt and wipe away. Rub Gardex onto anywhere you don’t want glue build up and the hotmelt will not stick to that area
PVA glue cleaners  Dev16 Gardol
Application Flushes out PVA systems Anti-adhesion gel
Special features Completely removes any old PVA that was stuck within the glue system Rub Gardol onto anywhere you don’t want glue build up and the PVA will not stick to that area


For details of the Packaging Adhesives Supplied and Manufactured in Dublin and the full services provided by Eva-Te Ltd  please visit our Packaging Adhesives Services page.